Kiss - Rock & Roll Legends Эдвард Саверс Jack Edward Sawyers инфо 4470z.

От издателя In 1990, while on tour promote their 23rd album, "Hot in the Shade" the legendary rock group Kiss sat down with our cameras just after coming off-stage, playing to a sold-out show in Geoбщябыrgia Founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons give an in-depth look into how the "Kiss Machine" works and what it is that keeps it going Kiss addresses certain rumors such as make-up, reunions or an original member tour They share their thoughts on pвзэнеast members of the band and share humorous road stories of a career that spanned almost 20 years up to that point Режиссер: Джек Эдвард Саверс Продюсер: Бед Брутсман Дополнительные материалы Biographies Photo Gallery Режиссер Джек Эдвард Саверс Jack Edward Sawyers.

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