Hariprasad, Zakir Hussain Venu Формат: Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьютор: Planet mp3 Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2002 г Альбом инфо 7228z.

Venu was recorded live at a 1974 concert in a large granite room, literally a stone house B&K condenser microphones with custom-selected field effect transistors were directly coupled to a custom Ampex MMбъбъй-1000 16-track recorder This eliminated the normal mixing console and vastly reduced distortion, while enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio We close-miked each instrument and also made a stereo image recording of the room in order to capture its natural stone ambienceвзямъ Venu was re-mixed July 30-31, 1989 at Studio X in Petaluma, CA The 16-track master was mixed using a Studer A 80 16-track through a Neve 8058 console to a MCI analog 2-track recorder with Dolby SR noise reduction Quantec digital reverberation was used for spacial enhancement The analog 2-track tape was transferred directly to a Sony PCM digital 2-track for CD production The mixdown process was monitored using Meyer 833 Studio Monitors, with sub-woofers К данному диску прилагаврквлется буклет с информацией об альбоме на английском языке Содержание 1 Rag Ahir Bhairav Alop And Jor 2 Rag Ahir Bhairav Slow Gat In Rupak Tal Fast Gat In Teental Исполнители Харипрасад Hariprasad Закир Хусейн Zakir Hussain.

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