Red Hot Chili Peppers: Behind The Music (DVD + CD + Book) Формат: DVD (PAL) (Подарочное издание) (Картонный бокс + digipak) Дистрибьютор: Концерн "Группа Союз" Региональный код: 5 Количество слоев: инфо 755s.

От издателя What kills me is that there are so many people getting into Under The Bridge across America who have no idea what the Chili Peppers are like" Anthony Kiedis The biggest band of the new milбъаклlennium? Certainly no one else has dominated the music scene in recent years like the Chili's From the bad boys of Funk Rock, swinging their socks, to a world wide phenomenon What is behind the Chili's music? This is an in-depth analysis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers взюиъon record, on stage and on film Drawing on global archives, with in-depth interviews with the band and extensive performance footage, the colossus that is the Chilis is here put under the microscope Further insight is supplied by Andy Gill, producer of their debut album and DH Peligro, drummer for punk legends Dead Kennedys and occasional drummer for the Chilis The 72-page book features an in-depth biography of the band and is fully illustrated with many colour photographs Theврйфъ DVD's Feature Highlights From Grand Pappy Du Plenty Give It Away Suck My Kiss Warped Stone Cold Bush If You Have To Ask Organic Anti-Beat Box Band Aeroplane Blood Sugar Sex Magic Under The Bridge Power Of Equality and more Дополнительные материалы Издание упаковано в картонный DigiPack размером 14 см х 19,5 см с 72-страничным буклетом-книгой, закрепленным в середине упаковки CD 01 Grand Pappy Du Plenty 02 Give It Away 03 Suck My Kiss 04 Warped 05 Stone Cold Bush 06 If You Have To Ask 07 Organic Anti-Beat Box Band 08 Aeroplane 09 Blood Sugar Sex Magik 10 Under The Bridge 11 The Power Of Equality Enhanced Video Tracks 01 Give It Away (Wooostocklive, 1994) 02 Suck My Kiss (Woodstockuve, 1994) 03 Under The Bridge (Woodstockuve, 1994) Актер "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" (Исполнитель) Red Hot Chili Peppers — американская рок-группа, образованная в 1983 году в Калифорнии вокалистом Энтони Кидисом, басистом Майклом Бэлзари (больше втыааизвестным как Фли), гитаристом Хиллелом Словаком и барабанщиком Джеком Айронсом .

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